Magis Pharma is a pharmaceutical business which specialises in individual therapies for patients. Pharmacies can work with Magis Pharma as a partner for buying raw materials and to provide support with preparations or finished products. This will allow the pharmacy to offer individualised therapies and added value. Magis Pharma also provides its expertise to industrial partners in the form of raw materials and production capacity.
  • Magistrale bereidingen
    Raw materials

    Magis Pharma distributes and manufactures the raw materials of the brand FSA-Chemicals and Fraver. More than 400 products are available on stock and can be at your pharmacy in the short term to help your patient further.
  • Huismerk
    Private label

    For a pharmacist, having an ‘own brand’ is the ideal chance to create customer loyalty with patients. The patient has a clear reason to return to the pharmacy.
  • Desinfectie

    Magis Pharma offers a wide range of pharmaceutical raw materials. These raw materials are packaged and analysed under GMP conditions.
  •  Receptuur helpdesk

    Magis Pharma has an extensive range of raw materials available for the hospital pharmacy. We would like to serve as the most robust hospital partner on the basis of special hospital conditions.

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