Wide range, with high quality assured

Magis Pharma distributes and produces raw materials under the FSA-Chemicals and Fraver brands. Over 400 products are available from stock and can be supplied to the pharmacy rapidly in order to help your patients. With having two of our own production sites in Belgium, we can expand the range every month and supply fresh products with long expiry dates to the pharmacies. Did you know that we are the only supplier of a range of raw materials, and are also the only company licensed for certain products? 


Our packs are optimised for use in the pharmacy

On the subject of packaging, there is plenty of choice for ease of use in the pharmacy. There are special spouts in the bottles to prevent spillage. We also assign a special colour code to jerry cans to reduce the risk of errors; ethanol (red cap), water (blue cap), sugar and other (black cap). Almost all raw materials pots are designed with no blind spots so that you can use every last gram of the powder. Made by and for those making the preparations. 


The Magis Pharma expertise at your disposal

With the formula helpdesk, we have developed a major support channel for the pharmacist. Alongside over 2,000 standard questions and answers, you can also ask your own, specific question. We have also added general pages online which help the pharmacist when making preparations (converting alcohol percentages, maximum doses, etc.) But you don’t have to go online to find it all; our labels contain extra information too. You can often find the maximum dose, solubility, and interactions on the label. Our poster for maximum dosing and interactions for ointment bases can be obtained free of charge and hung in the pharmacy.



All products are available via our webshop (https:/fsa-chemicals.be/ ) and can be supplied within a few days. Our products are also available from all Belgian wholesale outlets and via various foreign distributors.

Potje FSA

The lowest net prices

At Magis Pharma, we apply a policy of the lowest net prices on the market. We offer competitive pharmacy prices with strong commercial benefits. So you can sign a cooperative partnership via the wholesaler or gain extra savings via direct orders and promotions. Did you know that our standard price is already an average of 15% lower than other market players?


Our service products

Alongside a wide range of pharmaceutical powders and liquids, various service products are also available. Antiseptic alcohol, bulk nutritional supplements, perfumery, solvents... You can use these to attune the quality of your pharmacy to the patients’ requirements and offer your very own range of own brand products.